Monday, April 4, 2011

St. George weekend adventure

We had a fun weekend spending time with family in sunny St. George. It was really hard to come back to the snowy weather. It's amazing what the sun can do for my mental health!

My cute nephew, Isaac

I can't stop kissing Eli with his voluptuous lips

Enjoying the flight back home on the private jet. Transportation brought to us by the always friendly, Dh airways.

My little cute nephew Van making a stone, sand, pizza.

Chloe playing in the sand

Stells dipping her feet in the pool

My sisters Kim & Tori. Kim is 6 weeks postpartum. Who looks like that 6 weeks after having a baby? I will be a year postpartum next month $%^&! Aren't they pretty!!

Soaking up the vitamin D.
Day two with my spray tan and it already faded not to mention it stained the sheets and my clothes. Might have to think twice before I get sprayed with a tan again.

The twins


Tiffany said...

Okay. Now I wish I would have found a way to come along! !!! I'm assuming the next "girls trip" will be to tori's house. I am finding a way to come!!!

Molly said...

That private jet looks like the best thing that ever happened to your family. What a way to travel! Love you stace! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. Your kids are so lucky to have amazing parents like you and Dave.

Julia said...

You were in st. george and I didn't even get a phone call? geesh! we're in a fight. :)

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