Monday, March 21, 2011

Plastic surgery for cabinets

I was thinking of some tips I have learned along the way with our previous homes. I would like to share one of them.
In the last home we remodeled, the cabinets in the laundry room were in a sad state. They were anything but attractive. The doors were plain and there was not any cabinet hardware. I wanted to change the look with out replacing the existing cabinetry. I thought the best option for these cabinets was to add some molding to frame in the doors and add some dimension. It was an inexpensive way to really change up the look. You could also use this same approach to change the look of a plain looking slab interior/exterior door.
We cut the molding to size, used an nail gun to attach the molding, then filled the holes with putty. The next step was to paint the cabinets and add cabinet hardware. It sure changed the look and feel to the laundry room with out breaking the budget.

Some great ideas for changing the look of doors found via here
This one is my favorite, adding strips of molding in a pattern. I think you would have to use a paint sprayer to achieve a flawless look.
A real life paint strip seperated by thin pieces of molding
There is a place in Salt Lake called 3form that sells sheets of acrylic with really cool natural inlays.
This door is not as complicated as it looks. This could be cool for a dresser or night stand as well.

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Karolina said...

such a great ideas! I wish I've seen them before I've got rid of my kitchen furniture

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