Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Master Bedroom pictures

I laid on my bed for an hour today soaking up the rays through the window. I decided it would be a good day to wash my sheets, make my bed and finally take some pictures of our room.

When I go to movies, I rarely pay attention to the storyline. Instead, I am busy taking note of what kind of design is going on in the background. I watched Valentines Day last year. In Ashton Kutcher's room, he had a hanging pendant light over his nightstand. I thought that idea was genius. Both of us have our own lamp switch right by our side of the bed.

Also, I love as much natural light to come through as possible. I am always drawn to rooms that allow tons of light to come through. I always want to go open up blinds, drapes etc. when I go to people's houses. In our room, I didn't' want to worry about placing furniture around windows. I wanted the windows high enough that we wouldn't have to have window coverings.

PS: Have you been entering to win the HGTV dream home giveaway in Vermont? If you win, can I come to stay just for a weekend?


Becky said...

I love how the lights turned out! I knew I would before you hung them :)

On another note, Nicki has to be the hardest person I have ever tried to get a hold of. Still working on it.

Audrey Crisp said...

Cute! Love that Target pillow. I have one as well on our bed! Love the hanging lamps!

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