Thursday, January 13, 2011

Trending now...well only in my world!

Maternity coat from The Gap. I don't think I have taken this coat off for more than 5 minutes this winter. My sister Kim that is pregnant introduced me to this coat. No I am not pregnant but who says you can't sport maternity clothes when you aren't pregnant. This coat is like a swaddling blanket for adults. I think everyone should run over to The Gap to purchase this "must have".
Also trending now is Sonic happy hour from 2-5. I don't know how I am just finding out about Coke Zero. I would say it's up there with lemon heads on the taste scale.
What's trending now in your world?


Kim said...

What are you getting at happy hour? I miss those strawberry limeades. And coke zero is no bueno, I'm surprised you like it. I guess if you are used to the taste of diet things it wouldn't be bad.
And yes that coat does not leave my body. I'm sure everyone around me is so sick of it but I can't help it.
And ps. You should come down here. The sun is shinning.

kami @ said...

Happy Hour will always be trending with me. :) Cute coat!

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