Monday, January 26, 2015

An Affordable Design Plan> Girl's Bedroom...

I recently put together this design board for my cute niece. She didn't need an entirely new room full of furniture and accessories, she just needed some "filler" pieces and a new paint color to make the room feel more put together. I love designing bedrooms and had so much creating this affordable design. The entire cost of what you see here came to only $350. Whaaaaat, can you believe that? It is possible to create a stylish new look for your space without breaking the bank. 

Do you have a room that could use help looking and feeling more put together? Contact me for a custom quote @

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

What I've been working on...

I am in the process of putting together my client's impressive home. This has been such a fun project, I love when client's dare to take some design risks and trust that it will all come together beautifully. In my opinion, the best designs are a collaborative effort when two minds work together to create a mix of style, pattern and color. The outcome can be pretty amazing!

We went fairly neutral so far but we will be adding splashes of color to keep things interesting.
You will want to stick around to see the final installments of this design, can't wait to show you!

If you are interested in my design services, contact me! Let's get your home looking its best!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Home on the market..

My client's home that I helped to remodel is now on the market. If you live in Utah and are looking to buy a new home, this is worth checking out! It is located on the East side of Draper in a really nice neighborhood.
If you are looking to update your home, I believe that if it's done the right way, you will be able to re-coup that money plus extra when and if you decide to sell. If you aren't planning on selling, you should still update your home so that you love the space you live in. 
I think environment plays a huge roll on how you feel. Do you walk into your home and feel depressed or do you feel at peace and happy when you come home? You don't have to spend a ton of money to make changes, think of simple things you can do that would make a difference. Has your paint color been driving you crazy all these years? What about adding new pillows, decor, artwork or window treatments? I always suggest to my client's to add some sort of wainscot. I think wainscot instantly adds class, value and architectural interest to a space.

We added this new kitchen to my client's basement. I love the function and personality it brings to this space. This basement can now be used as a mother-in-law apartment to bring in extra income, how smart is that? We wanted to bring in a soft and airy color palette to this area, I love how it all came together!

If you want to check out the full listing, head on over here to get the full details

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Shared girls bedroom design...

I am beyond excited to see this darling girls bedroom come to life. I have been working with a local client, re-designing her home and it's all coming together like a dream. I am truly passionate about design and I especially love putting together kids spaces. I like coming up with a plan that will look good through out the years, a look that will not outgrow the kids. Themed bedrooms will only last so long before the novelty wears off.

Just like adults, children need a place they can escape to relax, read a book, have some downtime. I believe that if a space is created to reflect this idea then the kids will use it for this purpose and give you some downtime too:)

A wall should never be wasted! I chose this fun floral wallpaper to bring in color and pattern. Don't forget about adding interesting pieces of artwork that include colors from around the room. I love mixing a variety of color, design and texture. When combining these three different elements a room will be anything but boring!

I would love to help you create a space you love! Contact me for more details

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Fireplace/Media/Piano/Art Design Boards...

I have been working on a client's living room.  The shape of the area is really long. We broke this room up into three separate areas..the fireplace area, the TV area and the piano/art area. My client has young children and likes to entertain so we wanted to create a space that reflects her lifestyle. The process of designing these three spaces to work together was trickier then I thought to have them flow and work well together.

My client wanted to stick with a mostly neutral palette, you can never go wrong when the colors are so muted (well I guess in reality you could if it wasn't done the right way:) I love how easy on the eyes a neutral palette can be and when you are combining a variety of style, texture and pattern the space will be anything but boring!  I love the way it all came together and can't wait to see these three rooms come to life, I know it's going to look beautiful!

I don't share sources from my paying client's design boards, thanks for understanding:) If you need help putting together a room or rooms in your home, please contact me I work with client's worldwide!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A Master Bedroom Design...

Sorry for the lack of posts,  I've been a busy bee! I recently finished this bedroom design for a client, I  love the way it all came together. I love using a variety of pattern and texture to create a cohesive look when combined. As a bonus, it always helps a room feel unique and interesting. Choosing a specific design style for your bedroom can turn your bedroom into your favorite space in the house.

My client wanted her room to feel complete and wanted it to be her own sanctuary, a place where she could go to relax. I hope this design plan accomplished her goal. Can't wait to see the plan implemented, I know it's going to look stunning!

Would you like to create a new look for a space in your home? Contact me at to find out more. I work with client's from all over the place, my affordable E-Design options make it easy!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Client's Fresh & Modern Kitchen Design

Have I told you how much I love designing kitchens. It really is so enjoyable for me to come up with an entirely new look that matches up with my client's style.  I really adore the combination of brass and silver, such a fun take on fresh and modern.

Calcutta marble is quickly becoming my favorite source for counter tops. I love the mixture of grays and golds. My favorite look is continuing the slab of marble onto the back splash area and down the sides of the kitchen island, such a bold and dramatic statement! Adding a mid-century vibe with the pendants, bar stools and kitchen chairs  with the classic marble and apron front sink keep things interesting.

The only bad part about designing for others is that I always want to change the look of what I currently have going on in my home.

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